This gluten free veggie lover blueberry peach fresh formula is a straightforward and scrumptious more advantageous pastry made with simple to discover fixings.


Utilize solidified foods grown from the ground couple of basic fixings to make this simple veggie lover dessert formula!


This veggie lover blueberry peach fresh is all that I cherish about a decent treat: it’s solid ish, not hard to make, and combines flawlessly with a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt.


I’m constantly down for a bowl of fresh with frozen yogurt!


On the off chance that you can’t tell from my best veggie lover apple fresh, strawberry fresh, cranberry blueberry fresh, or simple peach fresh, I believe it’s protected to state I am infatuated with fresh plans!


I adore that they are so easy to put together, and the broiler truly does the majority of the work for you.


First up, here are the fixings that you have to make this formula.


Fixings TO MAKE Veggie lover BLUEBERRY PEACH Fresh


solidified peaches


solidified blueberries




corn starch






dark colored sugar


gluten free oat flour


gluten free moved oats


coconut oil


vegetarian spread


The fresh garnish is made with a blend of oat flour and moved oats, making it gluten free.


Despite everything it has incredible surface, however like most fresh plans, is best served new.


New fresh from the stove = soften in your mouth organic product with a crunchy firm fixing. Soooo great.


My significant other’s unequaled most loved treat is my vegetarian apple fresh formula.


It’s a great most loved of our own each fall and we adore it.


While that formula is awesome, I needed to make a simple berry fresh formula that could be put together in minutes without a great deal of time spent hacking up natural product.


This is an extraordinary summer dessert for when you truly don’t crave investing a lot of energy in the kitchen.


Solidified natural product is the thing that we are utilizing in this formula, so the prep work is very insignificant (open pack and you’re finished preparing the organic product!)


Indeed, even somebody that doesn’t care for cooking can make this formula quick!


Here and there you simply need a fast and simple pastry, correct?


This would likewise be an incredible formula to go through additional late spring produce all year.


In the event that you have additional new peaches or blueberries to solidify, simply store them until you are prepared to utilize them.


Stock up amid the late spring on the off chance that you need that very delicious crisp peach season.


I’m a solidified blueberry sweetheart myself, so I’m happy that those are constantly accessible to me.


Am I the one in particular that preferences solidified blueberries superior to new? My significant other assumes so.


Irregular certainty: solidified blueberries are one of the main things that promptly fixes my stomach throb.


On the off chance that I eat a bowl I quite often feel better inside only a couple of minutes!


Blueberries are one of my preferred foods grown from the ground such a decent sweetness to this treat.


Despite the fact that I cherish solidified blueberries, I likewise adore them all bubbly and warm in this fresh.


There’s simply something so consoling about a major bowl of berry fresh!





2 containers solidified peaches


4 containers solidified blueberries


1/4 container sugar


2 tablespoons corn starch


1/4 teaspoon salt


1/2 teaspoon cinnamon


FOR THE Fixing


3/4 container dark colored sugar


1/2 container gluten free oat flour


3/4 container gluten free moved oats


1/4 teaspoon salt


2 tablespoons coconut oil, liquefied


1/4 glass vegetarian spread, dissolved




In an enormous bowl, combine all elements for the fresh. You may need to give the berries a chance to defrost for 5-10 minutes and blend until the rest of the fixings adhere to the natural product


In a different bowl, make the fresh garnish


Combine all fixings until it looks like wet sand


Empty fresh fixings into a pie dish


Sprinkle beating equitably ludicrous


Prepare at 350 degrees for 50-an hour, or until percolating and the top begins to dark colored


Permit to rest for 10-15 minutes


Present with frozen yogurt




The fresh fixing is best served immediately. Remains won’t be very as “firm”, yet at the same time flavorful.

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